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Pain was the door that opened Naomi to connect to her heart, body, mind and soul.  Having been disconnected from her body and self for years due to physical, emotional, mental pain and spiritual disconnect, she decided to open the door to pain and walk on through to self-discovery.  Little did she know it would lead her to massage school where a whole new world opened up for her regarding holistic healing and spirituality.

To start, Naomi decided it was best to focus on and become adept in one type of therapy.  She chose Craniosacral Therapy which taught her how to use subtle touch to facilitate healings.  It was from taking these classes, mentoring with a Craniosacral Therapist and receiving bodywork for herself when she realized that the physical body is just one aspect of the greater whole of oneself.  This spurred her onto her spiritual path, to follow her passions and to share her gifts and talents with others.

Naomi feels so fortunate to be following her passions and living a life that is meaningful for her.  Some of which include helping others find their voice and discover their true selves through healing and releasing trauma, pain, anxiety, old beliefs, thoughts that can create chaos in the mind and body and emotions that can cause tension and pain in the body.  Another passion of hers is working with babies, using Craniosacral Therapy, to help them feel balanced and to release any birth trauma they may have experienced.  Naomi also loves helping others open to their unlimited possibilities and potential and to become aware of the magic and miracles that surround each of us everyday. 

Naomi lives and practices in Olympia, WA and enjoys tapping into her creativity through writing, art and singing.  She also enjoys sharing her poetry through spoken word.

"There is magic all around, can you feel it, do you see it? 

My soul asks.  My mind, the human part of me longs for it.

When I was young I lived in it.  Then life happened and

I fell into the human trappings of cynicism, depression, sadness,

sinking deeper into the abyss of emotion, not seeing a way out.

Believing the story that I had created about who I really was.

Then the awakening slowly, but steadily shed light on me to remind

me that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that

I could re-write my story, that It was time to experience

joy, peace, love and harmony.

Working my way out of the abyss, using its darkness to create

something new, coming into the light, being in the light...and

being the light to reflect to others their own light."