My heart is full of grace

And gratitude for all that

Is and is to be.

For I am loved.

And I receive this love

Even if I can't feel it.

For I have known this love since the beginning of me.

This love from God, from the Power greater than me

And within Me.

And I know it to be true.

For love is not based on feeling alone,

But on faith, trust, and knowing

That it is always there in unlimited quantities

For all.

Weep no more

The pain says to me

Are you done?

Are you ready to set yourself free?

I wish it could be that easy, I think

So much is intertwined with the pain

Anger, fear, loneliness, self-hatred

It's too much to deal with all at once

Because who will I be without the pain?

It's been with me almost all of my life

I define myself by it.

It has taken up so much of who I really am

I think I am this depressed, sad, lonely person

Who am I really?

I start to question until it's all I can focus on

And then slowly the hope seeps through

Until I can't ignore it anymore

Because it's tugging at my heart, my spirit

I hear it as a whisper and then it gets

Louder and louder until I have to pay attention

Then slowly I remember who I was before

The pain wracked my body, before the mental anguish,

Before the sadness, before my spirit felt weak

The cells in my body remember and start to

Tremor, to shake, to set their selves free

To make room again for ME, for all of ME

This wondrous, multifaceted human being who is capable

Of giving and receiving love in every aspect of her life

For love is life.

Breathing life into every cell of my being


No stagnation here

The ripples moving in rhythm

With the music of my soul.

Each and every moment

A new note, a different beat

Who am I?

I am soulful

I am beautiful

Kindness, gratitude, love

Being reflected to me

I am in awe of who I am

Of what is beneath the surface

all these years fearing to see

  what was there

The Divine knowing all along

The soul of me and loving me unconditionally

Encouraging me, guiding me

  to NOW

This place in time to meet and

  Know my soul, my truth

Loving me, myself unconditionally

To reflect back to others

  the beauty of their souls, their truth

So that all may become One again

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Naomi wrote these pieces from her heart and is sharing them to uplift you and to inspire you to connect with your soul to see what it has to say to you.  You are not alone on your journey in this life and you matter.  Each one of us can make a difference for we all have gifts and talents that we have been given and can be shared with others to spread love, hope and joy. 

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Powerful forces of energy running through me.
The light has been shining on my shadow side.
I can no longer get away from the light or shove the shadows aside.
All I can do is be in the moment and do what feels right in that moment.
I feel the contractions of birthing something new, at the same time of being birthed.
What a state to be in.
My hope is this will pass and come full circle to love.

I surrender

I am not defeated

But courageous, strong

I surrender to love, to the Divine

For Grace abounds and surrounds me

So that I may live my truth

To know all aspects of love

To experience unconditional love

I surrender to LOVE

Divine Connection

All coming together as One

Knowing our potential

Souls interacting, creating

Life as art:  vibrant, colorful

Each piece making the whole

together as One.

United, fused together in love & harmony.

A perfect moment

Here and now

Wind talking

Birds singing

Rain falling

Nurturing, replenishing, hydrating

Then it's gone...

to another perfect moment in time.

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