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Naomi provides a variety of services that include Craniosacral Therapy for all ages from infants to adults, Somatoemotional Release, Soul Counseling, Inter-generational Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing, Intra-Oral Massage, Long Distance Healing, Soul Journey Connections, and other techniques.   Naomi's philosophy in treating others is one of acting as facilitator to promote connection of one's heart.body.mind.spirit, and to promote one's own ability to heal.  This can sometimes be difficult to do for ourselves, especially during times of stress or when we are in pain.  

Using her intuition, Naomi incorporates various techniques to facilitate one's healing.   Each person's experience is unique and each session is tailored to what needs to be addressed the day of their appointment.  Naomi works with you to find the cause of the symptoms and to bring balance, integration and harmony to one's heart, body mind, and soul.  One's session may include one or more of the following techniques:

Craniosacral Therapy (CST):  Subtle, yet powerful technique that was developed by John E.Upledger, D.O.  The therapist uses gentle touch to work with the craniosacral (head, spinal cord, sacrum and everything in between) system and to detect muscle tension and imbalances in the body.  CST also supports and nourishes the nervous system and promotes relaxation and balance of the other systems of the body.  CST is also beneficial for treating pain, trauma, headaches, migraines, head or spinal injuries, and many other conditions.  Naomi also uses this therapy as a gateway to find the spots on the muscles that are tight and that keep one from having full range or freedom of movement.  Pressure is applied to the spot and with direction by Naomi on how to use one's breath, the muscle will often relax, improving movement and muscle relaxation.

Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Children:  Extra gentle touch is used when working with this group.  Naomi follows the infant's and child's cues while working on them, as they are not expected to stay still.  An infant will sometimes want to nurse during a treatment either due to hunger or for comfort.  Infants may benefit from these treatments if they are having a tongue-tie procedure (some doctors recommend treatments pre and post procedure); misshapen heads, traumatic birth, colic, and other conditions.  Children may benefit from these treatments if they have conditions such as trauma or pain, are highly sensitive, or have headaches, head or brain trauma.  Naomi might also work with them to find ways to cope with all of the input they are constantly receiving due to their sensitivity.  

Somatoemotional Release (SER):  Gentle touch is used to encourage the body to release trauma, anxiety, worry, and other emotions that the body has been holding.  The body will often help us out by holding these emotions, especially when we don't make the time to process them or know of ways to release them.  When there is too much for the body to hold, it may present symptoms such as pain, stiff neck, indigestion, etc.  Naomi facilitates the healing by helping one feel more connected to their body so that patterns of holding trauma or anxiety can be changed to new ways of not holding these things in the body.  As a result, one will recognize when the anxiety starts to creep in and be able to ward it off and feel more relaxed and peaceful. 

Soul Counseling:  Through conversation with the client and by tuning into their body, Naomi facilitates alignment and connection to one's heart, body, mind and soul.  Each session is unique to the client and various techniques such as body dialogue, soul journeys, or meditation are used to help one connect within to remember who one is, to know one's gifts and to feel one's wholeness. 

Sound Healing:  Use of various sound healing tools such as Tibetan singing bowls, rattles and bells as well as her voice to create the vibrations and frequencies that the body can use to heal and balance.  Since the body is largely made up of water, it is a good conductor for vibrations and frequencies. Naomi may also use sound to help remove mental or emotional blocks to promote peace and create self-awareness.  This work is also beneficial for those seeking to find their voice, to open up one's Fifth/Throat Chakra in order to express one's creativity and self fully and freely.

Massage Therapy:  The client leaves their clothes on and various techniques such as trigger point, myofascial release, stretching, passive range of motion, and other techniques are used in order to bring balance and relaxation to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments.  

Reiki:  A non-invasive system of healing that originated in Japan and is not tied into any religion or religious practice.  It is the use of spiritually guided healing energy to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of one's self.  "Re" (pronounced ray) roughly translates as Universal Light or God Light and "Ki" (pronounced key) Life Force or Energy, the energy that gives one life.  This modality is good for treating all types of conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, systemic conditions and many more and can benefit those who would like to have a peaceful mind. 

Intra-Oral Massage:  This modality is beneficial for TMJ, grinding and clenching of the teeth, or tight neck and facial muscles.  Naomi wears gloves to work in the mouth to release the pterygoids (the muscles that connect to the TMJ's) and other muscles that assist in chewing and speaking.  Combined with her Craniosacral training, she uses gentle touch to bring the cranial bones into balance.  One doesn't realize how much tension is held in the face until after receiving a treatment.  This technique can also benefit infants who have a poor latch.

Long Distance Healing:  This is used when a client lives in another city or cannot come to the office.  The use of Reiki healing energy is not limited to space or time and can be just as effective being conducted long distance.  Those who may benefit from this are people who are in pain whether physical or emotional,  those who have anxiety or panic attacks, headaches, autoimmune disorders, and others.  An initial phone appointment is made to discuss what the client would like a healing for and to create a plan according to one's goals for healing.       

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