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Welcome to the Soul Journey Collection  The intention of the messages is to let you know that you are not alone, that we are all connected, and to help you open to the magic and miracles that are all around you.

Sacred Geometry

The sacred geometry can be used to meditate upon after having read the messages.  Some may take you on a journey within and others may take you on journeys elsewhere as you lightly gaze upon them, allowing them to free your mind so you can be open to messages from the heart and the Divine. 

A nice way to get started with the meditation is to lightly gaze upon the center of the image and see where your eyes take you.  Are you drawn to certain colors?  If so, what do the colors represent for you?  Do the shapes draw you in and around them?  If so, what is the path that they are taking you on?  How do you feel when you gaze upon the image?  Peaceful?  Agitated?  These are just a few suggestions on how to work with the images.  Follow your soul and have fun exploring!


One of Naomi's ways of expressing her emotions and healing and releasing them is in writing poetry.  Her hope in sharing the poetry is that you are touched by the feelings behind the words and that they bring you hope and healing and inspire you to find ways of expressing your feelings in ways that are beneficial for you.  By using our creativity we give ourselves a gift, as it can open up our hearts to release the past, anger, unforgiveness, etc. and to welcome in joy, love, peace, self-forgiveness, and so many other awesome things.

May these heartfelt words bring you peace and open your heart.body.mind.soul connection so that you may see the beauty of your true self.

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