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                                                                                    Soul Journey Connections

Come and take a journey with your soul.  To connect deeply within, taking a journey to discover your gifts, to awaken your dreams, to find your place of peace within and wherever else your soul takes you.  Using her voice and various sound healing instruments, such as Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, bells, etc., Naomi will take you on a spiritual journey to facilitate healing and connection within and without. 

These journeys can benefit those who wish to connect with themselves on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level.  Everyone's experience is different and changes each time a journey is taken.  These journeys can also be beneficial for groups, couples, or families as a way to connect with each other and to gain insight on problem solving or how to handle situations for the greater whole.  The journeys can also be conducted with an intention.  For example, individuals may wish to connect with their creativity for a project, couples or families may wish to connect on a deeper level with each other, groups in the workplace may wish to connect on a level that brings them cohesiveness and understanding, the possibilities are endless.

Naomi uses her intuition to guide you through these journeys and will often channel information for you or the group.

 If you are in the local area, Naomi can travel to your group.  Not in the area?  These journeys can also be conducted long distance via Skype.

Being part of a Soul Journey Connection:   You will be taken through a guided meditation to bring your heart.body.mind.soul into alignment and balance so you can be open to the unlimited possibilities of you and your soul journey.  Everyone's experience is unique and each group experience is unique.  Oftentimes during the journey various spirit animals, angels or guides will show up for support or to bring you messages or guidance.  Sometimes Naomi will receive messages and share them with you.  A journey lasts about an hour and after it is over, some time will be taken for discussion or to share your experience if so desired.  It can be helpful to bring a journal to record any messages you receive or to reflect upon your journey.


Naomi offers a variety of workshops on spirituality and on embracing change which can be tailored for families, a specific group or team at your place of work.  In brief, the spirituality workshop is a six part series (two hours each meeting) that includes participation and discussion of the use of prayer, meditation and toning as tools to create or deepen one's spiritual practice.  The Embracing Change workshop is a two day series (four hours each day) which includes a questionnaire that will be completed and discussed at each meeting to help one discover where there are fears and blocks to embracing change and how one can handle change in a more balanced and less fearful way. 

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