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Naomi's leadership of exploration in sound healing provides a space of unconditional love, from which we can uncover and release limiting beliefs.  I met with a group under her guidance regularly for a season.  At every gathering we were given opportunities to hear ourselves, be heard, and hear each other express our ever-changing lives through vocal toning.  Naomi shared tools for sound healing - singing bowls, handheld percussion instruments, and tuning rods, along with both guided and free meditations, work with spirit guides, and divination cards.  I began this practice in the midst of a healing crisis involving a block between my heart and throat chakras, with a belief passed down through my family that I could not sing.  By the end, my symptom (inability to taste) had resolved, and I was preparing to move to a different region of the country to pursue a new career.  I had gained the confidence and clarity to make that life change by learning to use my own voice for expression and healing - and I could not have achieved that without Naomi's guidance and the support of our group.  Along the way, the quality and tone of my singing voice changed vastly, and I became comfortable singing (and dancing!) in other community events.  The most powerful experiences occurred when we toned together as a group.  Two or more voices converging and reaching the same tone at the same time, intuitively, without planning, embodies the connection we as humans are always longing to make with one another.  Realizing that experientially has been the most rewarding gift of my life.  (L.K.)

The first session that I had with Naomi was back in 2008 and it changed the course of my life forever.  I had been struggling with some very hard feelings that I couldn't quite identify.  I knew that I was in need of help and someone had recommended Naomi.  I was unfamiliar with energy and soul work at the time but was open to trying it out.  WOW!  My session just went beyond anything I could've imagined.  Not only did she help me to identify my feelings and their source, she woke me up to ways of healing that I had never imagined possible.  But more than that, she reconnected me to spirit and taught me how to receive love more deeply.

She is a very tender and compassionate woman.  She has such a deep resource of skills to draw from and an intuitive ability to know what is needed in order to connect you with your path to healing your soul, or to gently cut through whatever is in the way of your soul expressing it's highest potential.  Each session I have had with her throughout the years of seeing her has yielded new surprises and new paths toward an even greater soul connection.  And she genuinely cares about you.  After my first session, she contacted me a couple of times to ask how things were being integrated for me, to follow up on my healing.  She also awakened me to my own latent abilities and I have been developing myself as a healer, so that I can contribute making the world a better place the way that Naomi does.  She inspires me.  I truly can't say enough about the depth of this woman.  I am forever grateful to her and genuinely would not be the person I am today if not for her.  (M.G.)

Naomi took my healing to a whole new level.  I had been suffering from symptoms of Fibromyalgia including constant joint, muscle, and back pain.  I also dealt with anxiety and panic attacks.  I didn't sleep well and didn't ever have much energy to get through the day.  I thought I was destined to live with constant pain and fatigue for the rest of my life.  Naomi taught me how to listen to my own body and to become in tune with what it's trying to tell me.  With each appointment she helped me release the pain I was carrying.  She helped raise my level of awareness and become more awakened.  She was also able to help me release my voice, which had been stifled for years.  Several years later, I am living closer to my true self because of her help.  I am more confident and successful in my personal and professional relationships.  She is truly a great healer and I am forever grateful for the many ways she has helped me.  (D.M., Age 39)

I have been seeing Naomi ce I was 9 years old.  She has helped me with many different issues.  I have several learning disabilities including high functioning Autism and ADD.  When my mind and body feel out of balance, I tell my mom that I need to see Naomi again.  Once I had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital and couldn't walk.  The doctors didn't know what was wrong or how to treat it.  After a few days, Naomi came to see me in the hospital and worked on me to start the healing process.  The next day the doctors came in and saw the improvement and couldn't explain why my legs started to respond.  I told them that Naomi came and helped me.  I got better with her help.  (G.M., Age 12)

​Naomi Rikimaru is a coach for the heart.  She uses her strong intuitive powers and knowledge of how the body and mind interact to tune in to the needs of her client.  She then works with them to help them connect with their own wisdom and guidance, supporting and guiding them in the natural healing process flow.  I went to her for pains in my neck and she immediately intuited the need for attention in different areas of my body/mind.  She continuously directs me to my own intuitive processes and inner wisdom.  She used several tools in the process - sound, imaging, dialogue - working with my own wisdom and intuition - to support and encourage the healing process.  I often find myself talking about her skills and how working with her has helped me.  I highly recommend her.  (J.W.)

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